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digital – connected – communicativ

I provide my know-how as service since middle of 2019.

I am a mechanical engineer who work as freelancer.

Your benefit:

you get a experienced engineer, who have seen a lot in industriy and have a lot of ideas which I can bring in your projects You just pay for the duration of the project. Also after the project I am your qualifield partner for questions and service. Through my numerous contacts I have access to a big knowledge network, which help me and you to hadling optimal your projects.

about me:

After   my   apprenticeship   to   industrial   mechanic,   I   studied   and   completed   at   the   Hochschule Darmstadt mechanical engineering (Bachelor of Engineering). During   my   studies   I   was   in   the   formula   Student   team   FaSTDa   ,   in   which   we   run   against other univerity. After   that   (2013)   my   first   job   was   at   company   Kurtz   as   project   designer.   During   this   time   I was   a   lot   of   times   in   china   on   building   side.   After   that   time   I   worked   directly   at   Kurtz company in design department and design low-pressure casting machines. End   of   2016   I   go   to   company   WUMO   and   there   I   was   until   middle   of   2019   a   design   engineer and   shareholder.   Because   of   different   reasons   I   decide   to   work   as   freelancer   at   middle   of 2019 and bring in and expand my know-how in different customer projects.

new home page published

my new home page is published now.