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Projektplanungsarbeiten (09.02.2021 – 30.07.2021)

The target was to support my customers in project planning and in various other tasks. Due to the short-term peak order of my customer, I was commissioned to supervise various projects in the planning.


My tasks here were:

  • Supervision of various projects
  • Creation of internal specifications based on customer specifications
  • Creation of FMEAs (project & design)
  • Creation of foundry layouts including piping, cable tray and automation
  • Interface work between different departments or trades
  • Support in the development of a new type of metal 3D printer

Konstruktion eines Lagercontainers für Peroxid (23.12.2020 – 29.01.2020)

For this project I was commissioned to design a storage container for peroxide.


My tasks here were

  • Construction of the complete container according to the specifications using SolidWorks
  • Creation of 2D drawings (production drawing, welding drawing and assembly drawing)
  • Creation of parts lists in Excel
  • Coordination with the customer
  • Maintaining the design data in the customer’s PLM system
  • Creation of documentation

Design of a case for a IoT electronic device. (04.12.2020 - 18.12.2020))

The target was, to design a prototype case for customer KION IoT,
where can mount some electronic circuit boards and include a
connector for an automotive connection.
This case was produced sometimes with a 3D printer. The developer of
my customer could now test very realistic the device and IoT system
before it go into the series production.

My tasks here were

  • Design of two different cases / variants
    Creation of 2D drawings

  • Coordination with customer

  • Give customer 3D files for using for the 3d printer.

  • Deliver one 3D printed prototype case

parameterization of a CAD design with SolidWorks DriveWorksXPress. (10.2020 - 11.2020)

The target was to parameterization and automation a CAD design of an product in such way, that the designer have not so much work at designing and the company safe money and time.
Different variants and possibilities should cover over one parameterized CAD model. But the parts should still be independent from each other, because in other case the import into the PLM system was not possible.


My tasks where:

  • Design of the base assembly with different formula, sketch’s and
    features with SolidWorks
  • Creation of the 2D drawings based on templates
  • Creation of the parameters
  • Creation of Excel templates for different Input and Output options
    as part lists
  • Coordination and consulting the customer
  • Creation of documentation

Interface between customer of Belcan Engineering Services Germany GmbH and Belcan design department at designing of tank containers. (02.2020 - 07.2020)

The goal for the customer of Belcan Engineering Services Germany GmbH was to design several mobile tank containers in England and to create the complete documentation, assembly and manufacturing drawings. I acted as an interface between the German customer and Belcan UK. Therefore, this project was a project that was almost in English, because the design department of Belcan is based in the UK.


My tasks where:

  • Creation of work packages based on the specification for the design department
  • Creation of project plans together with the project manager
  • Coordination with customers of Belcan Engineering Services Germany GmbH
  • Coordination with suppliers and clarification of technical details
  • Support for English designers
  • Creation of designs of individual assemblies using SolidWorks
  • Creation of individual designs (assemblies, components, manufacturing and assembly drawings) using SolidWorks
  • Data exchange control between customer Germany and design office Belcan UK
  • Check the design data
  • Enter the design data in the customer’s PLM system
  • Creation of parts lists
  • Creation of documentation


design of mirror assembly (07.2019 - 09.2019)

At company procad gmbh I could change a mounting line for car mirrors, so that the customer Magna mounting Audi etron mirrors at this line.
Also a new mounting line for mirrors would design. At this I support with design some of the mounting stations.


My tasks where:

  • Design the different mounting fixture for the mirror parts with SolidWorks
  • Design of a full automated assembly machine for one assemble stage
  • Design of a lift for a Bosch tray for the mounting line. (stroke: 2000mm – cycle time 18 seconds)

At this projects I do following tasks:

  • Concept development
  • Cad design in SolidWorks
  • Calculation of important component structure
  • Creation of production and assembly drawings


WUMO DigiCheck (2018-2019)

The WUMO DigiCheck is a thread check device, which check the thread with a plug gauge and send the data with Bluetooth or ProfiNet to other systems.

My tasks at this were:

  • Creation of a specification sheet
  • Develop and design the hardware components
  • Creation of the production and assembly drawings
  • Develop of a Slip ring for signal transportation to the intelligent plug gauge
  • Develop a new circuit board wich control the device
    • I design the first circuit board (circuit plan and layout and soldering)
    • The second version we buy it at supplier because of time. I just manage it.
  • Programming the firmware with C (STM32)
    • At first cicuit board I program it by myself.
    • At second version we buy it at supplier because of time
  • Creation risk assessments
  • Creation of the mounting documents
  • Coordinate with customers and suppliers

WUMO Control-Station (2019)

The WUMO Control-Station is a laser control station. The device measure automatically the height of parts with a laser (accuracy <0,5um).

My tasks at this were:

  • Creation of a specification sheet
  • Develop and design the hardware components
  • Creation of the production and assembly drawings
  • Manage the suppliers (programmer and electronic engineer)
  • Mounting and start-up the prototype device

WUMO testing devices (2016-2019)

Designing of various test devices for the aerosol and automotive supply industry.


My task at this were:

  • designing of special test devices using CAD (Inventor and SolidWorks)
  • Creation of the production and assembly drawings
  • Coordination with suppliers 
  • Mounting and commissioning at the customer as well as training

PermaGear electrical pusher (2018-2019)

Cost optimization of the PermaGear electric slider.

The PermaGear electric slider will replace hydraulic shutters in future, which have a press force up to one ton.


My tasks at this were:

  • Cad design in SolidWorks
  • Creation of the production and assembly drawings

design of foundry machines (2014-2016)

Design of aluminum low pressure casting machines at company Kurtz Holding GmbH & Co


My tasks at this were:

  • Design of different complete machines
  • Deisng of components in CAD (HiCAD)
  • Creation of assembly in CAD
  • Creation of the production and assembly drawings
  • Creation of part lists in SAP
  • Creation of E-plan fluid (hydraulics, pneumatics, cooling)
  • Creation risk assessments
  • Calculation of important component structure
  • Coordination with suppliers

Project planning of an aluminum foundry (2013-2014)

Project planning of a BMW /BBA engine foundry at Kurtz Holding GmbH & Co


My tasks at this were:

  • Creation of hall layouts in CAD
  • Plan and project the pipes, cable trays and steel construction
  • Coordination with supplier and customer
  • Supervise the construction side in china (3 x 3 weeks)